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It’s free because we want to break down all barriers between you reading about and knowing these advanced learning techniques as much as we can. 

You come, listen, understand what the fuss is all about, experience for yourself and decide if and how deep you want to go into analyzing the issue. 

The only “risk” you run is filling out the form at the bottom, answer the phone when we call you to set the available dates in the city closest to you, get in the car, reach us and give us a few hours of your time so you can understand more clearly  exactly what these techniques are, how they work and how our method will enable you to use them from the start, like a real pro.  E  
If it's so valuable, why is it FREE?

all seasoned with plenty practical proof! 

  • The natural characteristics of our memory and how to exploit them to your benefit (finally!)
  • A strategy you can apply as of immediately to learn any list of information (from the shopping list to those 7 kings of Rome no one ever remembers or the US presidents starting from Washington all the way to Obama!)
  • Multiple fields of application for the techniques and how to use them to correct the most common mistakes made while studying
  • How to improve the learning process by using mind maps, speed reading, memory and concentration techniques

During this two hour meeting in one of our 38 branches, you will learn:   

Free taster session on Memory Techniques, Speed Reading, Efficient learning 

Therefore, knowing that only a miserable 2.5% of those reading this page will have the guts and curiosity to come and know firsthand the learning techniques and the methodology we use to teach them, we offer:  

The point is:  if faced before a chance to regain health, on average, only 2.5% is willing to open new horizons and peer into something new, when faced with a problem concerning “only” studying, how many will actually make a move?

After many years of working close to people we well know the answer… 


Only few go from “I have a problem, I’d like to solve it” to “ok let’s hear this solution and see if it suits me well”.

On the other hand, always thanks to our 10 year experience and 38 branches between Italy, Switzerland, Spain, England and USA, over 10,000 new students a year and hundreds of thousands of hours spent on our courses or tutoring, we know without a shadow of a doubt JUST HOW MUCH these techniques can change, not only people’s studies, but the quality of their professional life, personal life and life at the workplace for the better.   

So, where do you stand

Just think, in the book “Fool's Experience Or The Key To Insight. How To Get Rid Of Glasses” by Mirzakarim Norbekov  the author relates of an experiment where 600 terminally ill patients were invited to a conference where it was said they would relate a finding that would drastically improve their current situation. The invitation read:

"You have concrete chances to regain your health"

ONLY 78 people showed up with the invitation.

These were then tested to see if they were actually holding on to dear life. So first they were asked to wait an ungiven amount of time due to the doctors’ being late. 

Many of them left.

To those who stayed other tests were done to see whether or not they really wanted to get better. At the end of all the testing only 15 out of 600 stayed to start the new cure. 

All 15 were cured within a year and a half. 

In other words only 2.5% of invited guests were seriously motivated to improve their circumstances. And out of that 2.5% gutsy enough to find out what the talk was all about ALL were cured.


The good news is… not only is all of this possible but it’s also at  EVERYONE’s reach if they have that minimum bit of curiosity and open mindedness to come and see what it’s all about. 

The bad news is, if sticking to statistics, that only a mere 2.5% of those reading this message have the guts and open mindedness to come see for themselves what this is all about.

It is assumable that if we all have the same problem, the minute someone finds a solution  everyone’s open and curious to find out what it is. 

But the human being is a strange creature. Capable of staying in an unlikely situation of moderate discomfort so as to avoid facing something new, even if this something new could bring him great benefits. 

I have some good news and bad news for you

.... you would feel like a real genius, right?! 

    • Triplicate your reading performance all the while understanding everything you’ve read, even better than before 
    • Easily manage stress and anxiety during an interview or an oral exam 
    • No longer having to repeat something an endless amount of times just to remember it 
    • Rid yourself of the “repeating phase” and still be able to remember everything you study for all the time you need to 
    • Learn a language in a few weeks and talk to many more people all over the world 
    • Raise your chances of success and selfesteem 
    • Learn anything you want 99% faster than anyone else

              Picture for a moment how your life would be if you were able to: 

              BUT IF...?

              You only read and repeat something when it doesn’t stick. If it didn’t stick it’s because you used the wrong learning strategy and it didn’t work! So what does school tell you? That repetition is the mother of memory!

              How often has it happened to you that you read six or seven lines, or maybe an entire page and then asked yourself “wait what did I read?”  

              How often did you study hours on end just to forget everything after a very short time?
              How often did you run out of time, energy or motivation to reach your goals? 

              As I was telling you before, it’s not entirely your fault if you have yet to discover how to best use your potential, the system in which we were raised is disastrous.    

              Think about it. 

              For example, it’s absurd that the classical tool for learning used in schools is “read and repeat”.

              If you think about it when you learn something and make it yours, you know it, without the need of learning and repeating it. 

              At school we learn the same learning techniques being imparted 200 years ago. Too bad the world has greatly changed since then and the rules of the game are very different.

              In the internet era studying by reading and repeating can only bring about one result: ultimately hating to study and falling behind.

              You need to know that studies conducted in the field of learning have been a very active reality for decades with impressive results. Masses are scrupulously kept ignorant concerning certain results so they can be an advantage to those who use them first.

              Continuing to use the same medieval methods such as reading, underlining, summarizing or outlining and repeating is inexorably hindering your chances of distinguishing yourself and stand out.  Besides you put a lot of effort into it and get little back. 


              First let me tell you one thing: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.  The world is FULL of frustrated or disappointed students.

              • Does it happen to you to feel anxiety, stress, nausea or frustration when you have to study? 
              • Far too often your results don’t reflect the time and effort you put into studying? 
              • What you study disappears from your mind like a cat in front of a tub of water? 

              Warning… you might be shocked by what you are about to read…

              Simply: No one taught us how to study.